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Brazilian Buttock Lift

The Brazilian buttock lift is a procedure used to enhance the shape of poorly developed or flat buttocks utilizing the patient’s own fat.

Brazillian buttock lift

The Brazilian Buttock lift procedure is done by using gentle liposuction, where excess fat is removed from one part of the patient’s body (fat grafting) and then injected into the layers of the buttocks.

This method of taking fat from one part of the body and injecting it another part of the body is also known as fat grafting. 

The Brazilian buttock lift is the preferred buttock augmentation method used by plastic surgeons because the technique utilizes the patient’s own fat and the chance of any complications occurring are dramatically reduced when compared to buttock implants or other procedures.

The idea behind the Brazilian buttock lift is to enhance the shape of poorly developed or flat buttocks utilizing the patient’s own fat. This effectively achieves 2 things:

  1. It removes fat from an area where there is excess or unwanted fat and
  2. It enhances the buttock. The procedure is very popular with both sexes. 

Just like woman have procedures done to increase their breast size for better proportion, many of the patients feel the same about the size and shape of their buttocks. Many of the patients, who have this procedure done, often complain that no matter how hard and how often they exercise, or how long they diet, they are just not able to get the shape of their buttocks the way they want it.

Once the procedure has been done, patients say that they feel sexier, and that their clothes seem to fit better, and in turn their self confidence levels increase tenfold.

What does the Brazilian buttock lift procedure involve?

The procedure is an innovative form of fat grafting which utilises excess fat from different areas on the body, which are also known as donor sites. 

The most common donor sites used are the abdomen, hips, back or thigh areas.  Fat cells are removed from these donor sites using a gentle liposuction procedure. Once the fat has been removed it is then processed and prepared to be transferred to the buttock area.  This procedure is done by injecting the fat into the various layers of the buttocks using small incisions. The technique used to inject the fat into the buttocks is very advanced and will ensure a smooth and natural appearance.

This technique is preferred to buttock implant surgery by patients because the patients favour the idea of using their own fat to enhance the size and shape of their buttocks.  An added benefit of using one’s own fat is that the fat will not be rejected by the patient’s body.  The cells are delicate, and do require careful and precise handling by an experienced buttock augmentation surgeon.  The fat must be deposited strategically through tunnels in the layers to ensure a smooth and natural looking result. Another bonus is that the patient also gets the added benefit of body contouring that the liposuction provides.

Things to consider when having buttock augmentation surgery

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and can take up to 2 hours in the operating theatre.  An important factor to take into consideration when doing a buttock augmentation is the availability of donor sites.  Some patients don’t always have sufficient extra fat for the Brazilian buttock lift.

Recovery after buttock augmentation

Recovery from the Brazilian buttock lift is similar to that of a liposuction patient where any pain or discomfort is dealt with using prescribed pain medication. 

A patient has to wear a compression garment for about 3-4 months after the surgery in order to reduce any swelling and to achieve optimal results.  Normal activities such as exercising can begin about two weeks after surgery. It is recommended that a patient take at least 3 days off work or refrain from strenuous physical activity for 3 – 5 days.